Manuscript Critique

There is an old saying among authors: sometimes you get too close to the forest to see the leaves on the trees.  This simply means that after you spend months and months plotting, writing, editing, and rewriting your manuscript, you may be at the point where you need a fresh set of eyes to review and critique the work to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Just because you think your manuscript is the best it can be and ready for publication (because your friends and family who claimed to have read it said so), that doesn’t mean that’s actually the case.

A Professional Manuscript Critique will provide with you with an unbiased assessment of the work and it’s ultimate salability.

A Manuscript Critique is an honest, thorough reading, review and critique of your manuscript from someone’s perspective other than your own; someone with pertinent publishing experience who understands how to fine-tune your work to make the story tighter, stronger, and more appealing to the reader.

A Manuscript Critique will provide you with key feedback regarding the strength of your story and plot structure, the narrative voice, effectiveness of character development, clarity and consistency, thematics, and any other weaknesses that could negatively affect the quality of the story, the number of positive reviews, and potential sales.

A Manuscript Critique is not an edit, but a first step in the process toward successful publishing because it helps you identify areas where the manuscript is strong and other areas where it might be improved.

Available for works of fiction and most nonfiction. Rates vary depending on the work.

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