If you don’t have the time, capability, or inclination to write a book, you may find that using a professional ghostwriter may the answer for you.  A great ghostwriter can take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into a book that bears your name, a book you can be proud of. Many books “written” by celebrities, politicians, experts, and athletes were actually written by ghostwriters.

A ghostwriter is a writer who writes a book without taking credit or getting authorship recognition.  The name on the book is typically the name of the client paying the ghostwriter to write the work.

A ghostwriter can also help you develop an initial idea into a book, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, memoir, etc.  This service may also include research, interviews, and review of other materials needed to write the book effectively on behalf of the client.

Or, if you’ve attempted to write a book, but feel you could use a professional to help you hone and polish the work, a ghostwriter can help.

  • Delivery schedule: Depends on scheduling and word count, on average 1 to 6 months
  • Fee: Please submit the form before for a custom quote

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